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ER24 Assist Partners


Itu-Assist is a 100% black owned company, providing unique entrepreneurial networks for the Assistance Services Market. This service offering mainly
focuses on efficiency and well managed home assistance services ensuring instant client gratification. Our primary business focus is to manage incidents from
start to completion, utilizing the latest (Uber type) technology to manage and control incidents, providing an instant interactive platform between Service
Providers and end users. Our mode of managing and controlling Service Provider networks ensures expedient, efficient and quality service to our clients and
end users.

Company Mission

The mission of ITU is demonstrating effective control, ensuring operational deliverables on behalf of our clients through robust technology. This ensures cost
control, effective service delivery and job creation within previous disadvantaged communities. Itu-Assist is fully committed to drive enterprise development
and elevate black entrepreneurship, by supplying them with fair distribution of work and business administrative support utilizing modern technology.
We supply a B-BBEE platform that the market can enjoy, concurrently with the Black Empowerment initiative that is in place. We also support local
manufactures to contribute to economic growth.

Type of Services
• All water related repairs (Plumbing)
• Geyser Replacement and Maintenance
• Electrical connections and repairs
• Leak Detection
• Resultant Damages