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Aeromedical Fleet

To extend and enhance the reach of their services, ER24 contracts with other reputable service providers in outlying areas. This includes helicopter and fixed-wing air ambulances in strategically located areas to minimise flight response time.


ER24’s rotor wing fleet includes one Bell 206 Long Ranger.

This service is activated for the retrieval of critical patients from accident scenes, as well as for the inter-hospital transfers of patients in need of rapid transportation.

The service enables a reduction in hospital stay, healthcare spend and risk of infection on scene.


The criteria for activating a helicopter flight include severe head trauma, potential spinal injury, near drowning and severe burns.

Where operational resources are concerned, these criteria include limited road access to patient location and mass casualty accident scenes with several critical patients.


ER24’s Global Care Services clients have access to the deployment of the following pressurised aircraft:

These aircraft are managed by Guardian Air, a medical evacuation service provider that operates across the African skies.
Guardian Air is based at Lanseria International Airport, outside Johannesburg.


ER24’s aircraft are all fully furnished with critical care equipment and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the most effective patient care at all times.
ER24 air ambulances are staffed by doctors, paramedics and nurses trained in emergency medicine and are able to mobilize within 120 minutes of flight activation.


ER24 Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Service operates primarily throughout Africa and surrounding islands and can also facilitate transfers into Europe and the Middle East

Our extensive African network consists of a comprehensive list of service providers who offer cost-effective agreements that allow us to provide the highest level of emergency medical care at the most competitive prices.

In the event of more than two patients needing evacuation, our service providers are able to configure additional aircraft dependant on patient volumes.

The activation of these services can be facilitated successfully by the operation of the ER24’s national 24-hour emergency Contact Centre.

International Assistance number is +27 (0)10 2053052. /