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ituASSIST offers Value-Added Services & Products through our cutting-edge, market-leading ‘uber-type’ technology. Our Assistance Services include Medical Assist, Home Assist, Auto & Accident Assist and LegalLine. We also offer various Lifestyle & Loyalty products. Through our comprehensive technology, we can offer superior levels of service to the end user while maintaining sustainable cost models to our clients. Through our collaboration with the best of brands (such as ER24), we can offer unsurpassed services by the finest service providers.
ituASSIST is focused on continued innovation and service development, transparent business practices and competitive costing. Our passion is to transform the industry and empower people along the way. To this end, ituASSIST is a Level 1 BBBEE company with 51% black ownership. We also endeavour many Enterprise Development activities including Skills Development & Training, MobiNurse and other upliftment programs.